Why you should hire a book designer

Even in today’s world of self publishing, you should still consult a book designer. Book designers adjust your manuscript for style and efficiency, reducing publishing costs and improving your profit.

What a book designer does for you:  You’ve finished your manuscript, and are eager to get it printed. If you’re going to publish your book, somehow it needs to be transformed from the word processed document to a format and layout accepted by book publishers.
Trim size? Full bleed? Rivers, widows and orphans?

Book designers take your document and lay out the text, line by line, to make the reading experience comfortable. Type too small, lines too close together and awkward breaks in the pages make a book difficult to read. We adjust the overall look for style and efficiency. We can even save you publishing costs and improve your profit by reducing the total number of pages in your book.

Book covers are the public’s first introduction to your work, and there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. We create a custom look unique to the book stand with the intent that the art and typography will catch a buyer’s eye and they will pick up your book, instead of the one next to yours.

Talk to us and see how we can transform your work into a publishable book.